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Welcome to the History of Psychology Web Site. The site provides a gateway for teachers and students to over 1000 World Wide Web resources related to the history of psychology. The resources can be accessed by means of five indexing schemes:

People (listed by birth date and alphabetically).

These schemes provide access to resources that are related to individuals who have had a significant impact on the history of psychology. Most of the resources include a photograph of the individual, links to other related resources, links to search engines that may be used to access additional information, and links to the OhioLINK central catalog and Britannica Online services (accessible only by users at OhioLINK member institutions).

For the most part, individuals were chosen from Leonard Zusne's Names in the history of psychology (1975), which contains biographical information on over 500 individuals who were judged by a panel of experts as having made significant contributions to the development of psychology. We managed to locate Web resources on approximately 25% of these individuals. Users will doubtlessly notice that certain highly prominent individuals do not appear in our index. In most cases, this is because our search failed to locate any substantive links.


Psychology department histories -- brief histories of various American and European Psychology Departments.
Artifacts -- virtual "museums" and repositories of historical instruments and materials.
Images -- photographic collections of psychologists and medical researchers.
Organizations -- web sites of associations and societies for the history of psychology and related disciplines.
Chronologies -- chronologies of significant events in the history of psychology and neuroscience.
Meta-sites -- sites, like this one, that provide gateways to a variety of other resources.
Writings -- original source material--books and articles--written by prominent individuals and historians.
Topics -- sites dealing with various topics that may be of interest to historians of psychology.

Library Resources.

This index, which is accessible only by users at OhioLINK member institutions, provides access to five databases--PsycINFO, Britannica Online, Social Sciences Abstracts, History of Science and Technology, and Social Sciences Citation Index. Online tutorials are also included for each database.


The user can view a dynamic presentation of history of psychology "trivia" drawn from a database of obscure questions and answers. Submit your own suggestions!

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