Assignment 10: One-Way ANOVA
Due at start of class on 12 April, 2006.

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Use SPSS and the standard class data set to answer the following questions. You may want to refer to the original questionnaire. Each question is worth one half a point unless otherwise indicated.

A researcher wants to know if the number of siblings that a person has influences a person's GPA. In particular, the researcher wants to know if there is a difference in a person's GPA for people with 0 or 1 siblings, 2 siblings, or more than 2 siblings (there are three groups.) The dependent variable of interest is people's response to the "GPA" question on the class questionnaire.

  1. Write H0:
  2. Write H1:
  3. Is this a one- or two-tailed hypothesis?
  4. What α level will you use?
  5. What is the mean response to the GPA question for people with 0 or 1 siblings?
  6. What is the mean response to the GPA question for people with 2 siblings?
  7. What is the mean response to the GPA question for people with 3 or more siblings?
  8. According to Levene's test for equality of variances, has the homogeneity of variance assumption been met?
  9. What is the between-groups estimate of variance?
  10. What is the within-groups estimate of variance?
  11. What is the value of F?
  12. Can we reject H0? Yes No
  13. Write the F ratio in appropriate APA style:
  14. Should multiple comparisons be performed? Yes No

    If your answer to the previous question was NO, then skip to question 20.

  15. Write H0 for one of the multiple comparisons:
  16. Write H1 for the same multiple comparison:
  17. Are these hypotheses one- or two-tailed?
  18. What α level will you use for the multiple comparisons?
  19. Summarize which means are not reliably different from each other (e.g. 3 or more siblings is not different from 0 siblings, etc.)
  20. Create an appropriate plot of the data.

Save ALL of your SPSS output to a file named as your last name. Email me the SPSS output file (the .spo file).

When you are all done with the questions, click on the submit button. Your answers are not submitted unless you click on the button, receive confirmation that your answers have been received, and email your SPSS output to me.